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Digitalization of Korean History

The NIKH has established a systematic database and internet service network for the purpose of facilitating the investigation, collection, exhibition, and release of historical materials in cooperation with related institutions. The Korean history database (http://db.history.go.kr) provides original text of important historical materials. Basic historical materials are digitalized in a chronological order so that the general public can search out the needed information at http://sillok.history.go.kr and http://sjw.history.go.kr. For the special purpose of promoting the popularization of history, it has developed another website, Historynet (Wuriyeoksanet: http://contents.history.go.kr/). Furthermore, it operates another website, Korean History On-line (http://www.koreanhistory.or.kr), which functions as a meta-search engine relevant to the studies on Korean history.


The Korean history database (db.history.go.kr) services original text of important historical materials. Hanguksa Yeongu Hwibo (Bulletin of Korean Historical Research) organizes the trend of Korean history research in the academia and introduces the catalogue of literature titles on the internet.


The Annals of the Choson Dynasty(朝鮮王朝實錄) comprise 1,893 books covering 472 years (1392~1863) of the history of the Choson Dynasty, from the reign of King Taejo, the founder, to the end of the reign of King Cheoljong. Thick extensive set of records is considered to deal with the longest period of a single dynasty in the world. For their cultural and historic rarity, the Annals of the Choson Dynasty deserve world cultural preservation as an invaluable documentary heritage.


Seungjeongwon Ilgi is considered to be an administrative reference of historical rarity and value. It records important court affairs in great detail, the Seungjeongwon secretaries having closely assisted and observed the kings. Of all Korean cultural properties, it constitutes the most massive compilation of records. What is more,Seungjeongwon Ilgi provided primary reference sources for the compilation of Annals of the Joseon Dynasty,which are already listed as a documentary heritage on UNESCO's Memory of the World, testimony to their invaluable attributes


Korean History Contents (http://contents.history.go.kr/) are develops educational content for cultivation and education of Korean history.


Korean History On-line (http://www.koreanhistory.or.kr) is a meta-search engine for websites relevant to Korean history (studies)